Optimizing your Twitter profile

5 tips for optimizing your business twitter profile

  • Make the most of your Twitter bio. Show off your skills and uniqueness without over-hash-tagging.
  • Have a clear objective and build a good looking profile. Choose a display picture, Background image, profile description, location and a profile template.
  • In your profile description include a business location and a website URL.
  • follow other users that matter and make sense to your small business, engage with these influential people in your industry and keep an eye of other profiles.
  • The use of tweets: make good use of the 140 characters allocated to each tweet, tweet often promoting your brand or products and try and engage with customers and others by replying and re tweeting.
  • Twitter trends, keep a lookout on twitter trends that a relevant in your region of work and business. use hash-tagging if relevant to your business but don’t over do it otherwise it may tarnish your brands image.
  • Track progress you make, by checking the amount of mentions, retweets, followers you gain or lose using your twitter interactions tab or third party services such as unfollwers.me
  • SMS followers – a twitter SMS subscription is a great way of engaging with offline customers with an online marketing campaign